Plug & Trade™

We like to keep it simple.
One price for a monthly recurring subscription.

What is Plug & Trade™?

Connect API Keys, set Allocation %, copy trades. The whole point of copying pros is to benefit from expertise and let an expert do the heavy lifting – our platform is the only Plug & Trade™ option!

  • No choices to agonize over.
  • No price options to ponder.
  • No decision of which traders to copy.
  • No signals to monitor.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No profit-sharing of gains.
  • No commissions on trades.

What is a Trade Team Strategy?

All our traders earn a % of all subscription fees. Yes, they are that good, or they don’t make the team. This means…

  • No conflict of interest.
  • No loss of incentive to succeed.
  • No competition between experts.
  • No loss of focus on trading.
  • No need to solicit followers.
Goals Assessment

Please take a moment to complete a quick quiz to help us assess your goals and provide helpful information for those looking to trade cryptocurrency.

Goals Assessment
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Trading is a method used to generate cash flow to purchase assets or pay expenses. Big gains and big losses are commonplace in this market and learning to take advantage of the gains takes years to master. TradeSoEz™ is specifically designed to allow those with little experience - or time - to automatically copy the trades of experts.

The platform currently trades USDT/ALT pairs resulting in USDT gains by default. BTC/ALT pairs trading is an option that can be selected upon subscription.

Best practices show that trading $10K or more will deliver good results, with $8K being the recommended minimum. These levels consistently net gains sufficient to deliver a profit and offset the monthly subscription fee. Allowing gains to accumulate will compound earnings.

If funds are limited, referring others interested in trading to TradeSoEz™ pays instant bonus rewards in USDT. Payment of the monthly sub-fee is required, but there is no requirement to actually trade. Wallet balances can be withdrawn daily upon request and/or used to pay the monthly subscription fee. Depending on an individual's reach, this is a viable way to earn additional income.

Accumulating to HODL (hold) bitcoin is a long-term strategy best accomplished if an investor trusts or believes their asset's value will increase over time. Trading is a method of holding cryptocurrency for a short period of time and may honestly not be the best option for those seeking a long-term investment. Trading can, however, be a method to generate additional cash flow to purchase assets.

TradeSoEz™ currently trades USDT/ALT pairs as a default, which generates gains in the form of stable coin (USDT) that can be used to buy and hodl bitcoin. The recommended amount to trade successfully is $10K+, with $8K being the minimum amount to realize good gains.

The best option for those with a limited amount of funds is to DCA (dollar-cost average) BTC buys on a regular basis over time, without any focus on the daily price of bitcoin. This has proven to be a highly successful method of accumulation that outperforms ~90% of traders over time.
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Another option is the referral of others interested in trading. All subscribers earn referral bonuses instantly paid in stable coins direct to a platform wallet. This option requires payment of the monthly subscription fee, but there is no requirement to actually trade and the bonus is earned each month your referral continues to subscribe - into perpetuity. Wallet balances can be withdrawn daily upon request and/or used to pay the monthly subscription fee. Depending on an individual's reach, this is a viable way to earn extra income that could then be used for trading, expenses, or purchasing more bitcoin.


Simple Answers

Answers below address the priorities most important for successful copy trading.

No Conflict of Interest

Unlike other copy trading platforms, TradeSoEz™ removed the conflict of interest that occurs when expert traders must compete for followers. Our experts earn an equal portion of subscription fees paid by all subscribers to create incentives to help subscribers vs. compete for followers. More importantly, our experts do not need to alter their strategies to lure copiers with tactics that eventually break down and result in losses. Their focus is on the execution of proven winning strategies vs. how many are copying them.

Exchange Spreads and Fees

Most other copy trading systems require copiers to deposit funds into platform accounts. TradeSoEz™ is not a brokerage or an exchange, and subscribers never deposit capital funds into the system. So there are no wider spreads and no transaction fees other than what Binance normally charges for trade execution.

Proven Trading Strategies

TradeSoEz™ expert traders employ solid strategies as they trade their own accounts using their own funds.
Example: Our “Cash Cow” strategy strives to earn profits considered in Stable Coin (USDT for binance.com or USD for binance.us) and trades only BTC, ETH, LTC, and occasionally, a few other Top 10 coins. The result is an average gain of 15% per month, with profits earned daily, but a bit later than usual during bearish trends.

Compounded Growth

With a decent 2% per day on average, gains added to initial balances can compound growth and grow an account to six figures in a year’s time. Initially, account growth is slower, but as time goes by the growth rate increases through the power of compounding.

Account growth can be accelerated by making regular monthly deposits. This reduces the time required to reach a higher profit level. At a certain point in time, monthly deposits will no longer be efficient and these monthly contributions can be used to diversify your portfolio.


There are always risks involved in trading and investing. Even the most experienced and successful traders experience losses. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but TradeSoEz™ experts are managing their own accounts and their goal is to maintain the same level of profits. In order for the trader to benefit, he must maintain consistency. Please consult a financial professional for investment advice.

TradeSoEz™ is not a trading brokerage or exchange and does not offer digital wallet services to hold, store, or transact on behalf of users. Access to automated copy trading software is made available via subscription, for which usage is controlled by subscribing users. 

Any and all opinions, commentary, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on this website are provided as general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice nor a solicitation, and there are no guarantees associated with them. We are not liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website. The content on this website is subject to change at any time without notice.

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