How to Invest in Bitcoin

If you want to learn how to invest in Bitcoin, you must first learn the difference between investing and trading. A bitcoin investment comes with risk, as do other investment assets. Unlike most other assets bitcoin price movements are very volatile, as in “roller coaster” volatility. If you invest with intent to HODL for the future because you believe the price will continue to increase, there is no need to be concerned with the daily price. If you intend to trade bitcoin, there are few tips to help you have realistic expectations that can lead to success.

Trade Your Bitcoin Investment

Before you learn how to invest in Bitcoin, determine your goals for doing so. Decide if you want to earn some extra cash, or if you want to increase your portfolio and earn BTC without buying more with cash. You can do this if you’re willing to put in the time to learn how the market moves, study the fundaments, conduct technical analysis (daily), research the trading pairs, follow the news, and execute trades without emotion. Of course, you could just copy the trades of professional traders with Plug and Trade™ simplicity and let experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Since that is what Plug and Trade™ ease of use is all about, let’s keep this discussion focused on the tips to help you copy trades with realistic expectations.


Unrealistic Copy Trade Expectations

  • Guaranteed ROI % per day, week, etc.
  • Trading small amounts will deliver big gains
  • Frequent withdrawals won’t impact potential
  • Time to buy is when everyone else does
  • Position should be exited to avoid more loss
  • Hundreds of trades per day should be made
  • Second guesses the expert trader
  • Gauges ROI in dollar value

Realistic Copy Trade Expectations

  • Consistent ROI % over time
  • Trade profits and add funds to increase base
  • Avoid withdrawals to compound returns
  • Sees profits taken when others buy 
  • Realizes there is no loss unless you sell
  • Expects quality over quantity of trades
  • Trusts the expert trader to read the market
  • Gauges ROI in bitcoin accumulation 

Copy Trade Tips for Successful Bitcoin Investment

Expectations are natural, especially when predicting and hoping for best-case future outcomes. Those driven by a desire to profit quickly set themselves up for disappointment and frustration that could lead to quitting with resentment before reaching true potential. The crypto market moves at warp speed so gains on copied trades typically occur quickly. However, professional TradeSoEz™ experts do not trade because copiers are anxious to see trades in their accounts. They trade when the right entry or exit position presents itself based on their knowledge of how the market moves.

How Amateurs Invest in Bitcoin

How Copy Experts Trade Bitcoin

Emotional discipline is an essential factor successful traders engage. False expectations and emotions have no roll in their game plan. A cool head forms good decisions for trading based on legitimate proof there is a chance of profit. There is no emotional distress when a trade goes south, because this happens despite the best of plans. While expert traders certainly have expectations, they do not allow them to be the main factor behind their decision making.

It is important to remember that when TradeSoEz™ experts trade your bitcoin – they are really trading their own bitcoin in their own accounts. Decisions are made to execute profitable trades for themselves and you are permitted to copy them, instantly and automatically. They rely on price action, technical analysis, and other key metrics for which chances are you have no knowledge.

When they become aware that a position is set to bring a loss, they may cut that loss and plan another position. They may also hold what looks like a losing position based on signs it will soon reverse. No trader is perfect, and there are sure to be some losses as well as wins because an expert becomes an expert by learning from their mistakes. They stick to clean facts and useful market data to deliver you an honest, more reliable insight into the market for more successful outcomes.

How to invest in bitcoin is something best understood by watching experts do their thing. TradeSoEz™ copy traders have the added benefit of watching muliple experts execute trades using different styles that complement each member of the trade team. You know you have a winning formula when your experts copy each other to grow their own portfolios!

How Experts Trade Bitcoin Investment