Is Bitcoin Worth Buying to earn Passive Income?

Articles getting a lot of clicks these days are those asking if Bitcoin is worth buying, and how to generate passive income. In simple terms, passive income is money earned that you did not have to work to receive. Financially speaking, passive income is money earned from investments, like stocks, bonds, real estate, or cryptocurrency. So, is Bitcoin worth buying as a source of passive income? It can be, if you have enough to invest that does not impact the need for living expenses, and understand the risks. 

Touted Passive Income Options

The definition of passive income appears to have expanded if one searches the phrase. There is a vast number of sites that tout easy ways to earn passive income by selling digital products online, through affiliate marketing, vacation rentals, blog ads, YouTube ads, and more. None of these activities involve “passive” participation to earn an income.

There is a ton of work involved in the creation and selling of online digital or informational products. Products do not simply sell because they are made available on a website. Hard work is put into the development of quality content, building a website to feature that content, and extensive marketing is required to introduce and ultimately sell it.

How does this relate to whether buying bitcoin is worthwhile? Well, while creating online content worth selling can be lucrative, it is far from a passive activity. Buying bitcoin and hodling it for future gain or trading it for increased gain, has the potential to be a good game plan, but it requires capital to do either. 

Affiliate Marketing

One of the more common ways touted to be a good source of passive income is affiliate marketing. Sounds fairly effortless to share a link to a product you believe in using a unique code, and earning a commission when someone buys it using that link. Not so fast. While you don’t have to create the product, there is effort involved.

Assuming you find a product worth representing, you must work to market that product in order to grow the number of people buying by clicking your link. You do this by building a following that trusts and values your opinion. This does not happen overnight and requires a tremendous amount of effort – so is bitcoin worth buying in comparison? Perhaps, but again, buying bitcoin takes money.

Passive-Active Income Option

The fact is that passive income cannot occur without active income. At some point in time, income has to be earned in order to invest. Once you have income, only then can you find a way to make more money while maintaining your current living expenses, which can then be invested to produce passive income.

There is a way to make bitcoin worth buying as a form of passive investment income boosted by initial active income activity. Consider the TradeSoEz™ copy trading affiliate program. The subscription cost to use the platform is only $499 per month. Let’s assume you have only $500 to start with, but buying enough bitcoin to make trading worthwhile is not possible just yet. Does this mean you shouldn’t consider the program? No, it doesn’t.

Let’s assume you have studied the TradeSoEz™ platform, reviewed historical performance of the expert traders, and feel confident in referring others to use the service. TradeSoEz™ offers a simple direct affiliate bonus of 25% of the subscription price for any person you directly refer to the service. That bonus is earned monthly as long as the referral uses the service. Four direct referrals are needed to cover your own subscription cost each month. Opening a Binance account and actively copy trading is not a requirement for subscribing. If you keep your subscription active, you are entitled to earn the affiliate bonus without trading at all.

Once your initial four direct referrals use the system and find it to be a valuable service, it becomes easier to interest others. Query your referrals to learn what they like about using TradeSoEz™ and start building upon this network of trust. Promoting the service is the “active” part of this game plan. Four additional referrals would allow you to clear $499 per month, at which point you can decide if bitcoin is worth buying.

Dollar-cost-averaging has proven to be a worthwhile strategy for making bitcoin worth buying. Simply investing a fixed amount of USD into BTC at regular time intervals averages the cost to ease the pressure of trying to buy at the best price. By investing small amounts during regular intervals, it is impossible to invest all your money at the top, or bottom.

Make Buying Bitcoin Worthwhile

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to TradeSoEz™ copy trading. Reaching 20 additional subscribers, plus the initial 4 covering your own monthly fee, results in a bonus of $2,495 per month that could be used for living expenses and/or buying bitcoin. Work to build 100 referrals and earn an active income of $12,475 per month.

Copy experts with TradeSoEz™ to earn passive income from your active income and answer the bitcoin worth buying question many will continue to ask.

Active Income for Bitcoin Worth Buying
TradeSoEz™ Asks Is Bitcoin Worth Buying

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