We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts determined to share what we’ve learned. The goal in creating TradeSoEz™ was to help those new to crypt0 trading avoid pitfalls and be successful.

After a few years in this space, it became clear our skillsets could be used to provide a helpful service. Copy trading is not new, but other platforms fall short on a couple of fronts. So we set out to create a platform we would actually use – but more importantly, one our less tech-savvy friends, family, and colleagues could use. Crypto is complicated – trading, even more so. Our talented team of professional developers, traders, and entrepreneurs joined forces to create the best copy trade platform for amateur crypto traders.


So Easy

Copy Trade Platform Challenges

Copy trade platforms have become popular because they save investors time and effort. A lot of reading and research is required to understand Bitcoin, altcoins, and the crypto-space, not to mention the expertise needed to successfully trade for profit. Most platforms are themselves confusing and difficult to setup or use. TradeSoEz™ features Plug and Trade™ ease-of-use for unequalled simplicity.

Who has the time to put in all the effort needed to research, learn, and execute successful trades? FEW

Most copy trade platforms fall short on the delivery of consistent results in part because social traders must spend their time soliciting copiers. Those that possess the skills to be a professional, expert trader are the heart of TradeSoEz™.

To maximize our experts’ time and expertise, subscribers copy a team of professionals instead of just one “social” trader. While it is technically possible for multiple traders to have a bad run simultaneous, it is highly unlikely. Team traders are selected for their expertise employing a trading style that complements each other.

TradeSoEz™ experts do not compete for followers, as their compensation is based on the total number of copiers in the platform. There is no need to compete by taking unnecessary risks in an attempt to boost performance statistics. The team approach creates an environment that incentivizes experts to trade successfully, assist each other, and keep their position on the team based on performance. This benefits everyone equally – subscribers, traders, and the copy trade platform.

Each TradeSoEz™ expert executes their proven strategies optimized for Binance and complementary to other traders on the team. As a result, subscribers get exposure to positions taken by scalpers, swing traders, day traders, and long traders. Proprietary algorithms employ best practices to manage risk and realize consistent gains.

You know you have a winning formula when your expert traders copy each other to maximize their own gains!

Our copy trade platform never has access to a subscriber’s trading account or assets. Investors never pay the platform transaction fees or commissions, and there is no profit-sharing of gains. Those who share the copy trade platform with others are rewarded instantly by the system when a referral subscribes. A bonus is credited to their account wallet for every direct and one level indirect referral. Bonuses are repeated on recurring monthly subscription payments into perpetuity and can be withdrawn upon request, and/or used to pay for one’s own monthly subscription.

Let’s go

Trade So Easy You
Forget You’re Not a Pro

First step…

We created TradeSoEz™ after having experienced our share of outright scams and MLM Ponzi schemes to well-intentioned, albeit inadequate or out-of-our-league, trading options. Along the way, we learned a lot about trading, but even more about the criteria that need to be identified before doing any trading. Because we think it is so very important to understand your own goals – we designed a simple questionnaire to help you choose the right option offered on this platform. It is recommended you complete this before subscribing in an effort to promote optimum success potential using what we have built. Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us help you!