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the platform for easy copy trading

There are three goals this platform endeavors to deliver so you can trade so easy…

  1. Ease of Use – Plug & Trade™ entry of your API Keys, set % allocation, start copying expert traders.
  2. 100% Control – the platform has zero access to your exchange account or your assets.
  3. Keep the Gains – no profit-sharing of your earnings, no platform or trader commissions.

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Copy Professional Traders

This platform is specifically intended to allow anyone to copy trades executed by professional traders with successful performance history. It was created for both novice and expert traders. It has been kept simple by design.

Your Gains

TradeSoEz™ provides software as a service (SaaS), never has access to your account or funds, and receives no compensation or commission related to your trading activity. You pay a monthly subscription to use the platform services and keep 100% of your gains. Period.

Your Account

You enter API keys so expert trades are automatically copied to your exchange account. We never have access to your exchange account or the ability to withdraw funds. You allocate desired percent of your balance to be used for trading, and have the ability to alter that setting as needed.

Your Options

 anyYou subscribe to use the copy trading service monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can pay with a credit card or Bitcoin, and use funds in your platform wallet earned for referrals. You can pause or cancel copy trading at any time. There is no contract or long-term obligation. 

Your Actions

There are no signals to follow. Based on your allocated % settings, the platform software automatically copies trades executed by experts to your own Binance exchange account. Experts trade their own accounts and have no knowledge of your account or balance. 

Your Rewards

If you choose to share TradeSoEz™ with others, you are instantly credited with a referral bonus when a referral subscribes. Bonus recurs every active month into perpetuity. Referral of others is not a requirement, but rather a substantial reward for sharing as a token of appreciation. Referral bonuses can offset your own subscription cost.



That’s about all there is to it. Subscribe, setup, copy traders.


TradeSoEz™ puts investors in control of their own funds while providing the ability to trade with the least amount of effort possible. No whales or old-timers in this group! Just enlightened crypto-enthusiasts who do not profess to know everything, but have learned a few things to help others navigate the crypto market and avoid common pitfalls.  During the last few years, it became clear our particular skill sets as developers and entrepreneurs could be used to provide clarity, simplicity, and ability for those who seek to increase their portfolio.

Trade So Easy

We set out to create a platform we would actually use. More importantly, a platform our less tech-savvy friends and family could use. Crypto is complicated – trading, even more so. It just is. The goal was to make it easy but highly effective while keeping users in full control of their assets. To do that, we involved top developers, traders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to create a system anyone can use to copy expert traders.


Of course, there is risk associated with any investment asset That said, the amount of time, effort, and expertise required often prevents participation by those seeking realistic trading options. This platform is designed so anyone can trade so easy using Plug & Trade™ functionality. Those with more experience have the option to use an Expert Trading Console to configure trading bots, as well as purchase winning expert strategies.

You decide which option is best based on your individual capabilities and goals. Best practices outline tips to help you achieve maximum potential. It takes only a few minutes to be up and trading with a system so easy it really does make you forget you’re not a pro!


Simple Answers

Answers below address the topics we had questions about when first starting to trade crypto assets and copy experts. We hope you find it helpful!

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a process made possible through the use of automated software which connects your exchange account portfolio to that of an expert trader. You set a percent of your account balance to automatically copiy the trades. Trading strategies of those with expertise can increase your potential for success.

TradeSoEz™ provides software as a service (SaaS), never has access to your account or funds, and receives no compensation or commission related to your trading activity. Gains earned by copy trading are 100% yours to keep.

Pros and Cons of Copy Trading?

For those who want to trade, but do not have the time or expertise to do so, copy trading is a great option. Why? Because you simply copy the trades of a professional trader employing strategies that have proven to be successful. However, one must first determine what type of expert strategy will deliver the expected results.

Short term trading is not for everyone. The decision to trade at all should be made based on your overall financial goals. If you are seeking to increase cashflow vs. save for the future – copy trading can be lucrative. If your goal is to accumulate more of an asset, like bitcoin for example, your trading strategy will be different than those seeking to increase cashflow.

Investing and trading both require patience. Long term investing means buying an asset and waiting until the price increases before selling the asset for a profit. Investing in bitcoin using a DCA (dollar cost averaging) approach, for example, has proven to out perform even the best of traders. This is the most effective long-term option is to buy and HODL in a Bull market. In a bear market, trading strategies to acquire more bitcoin without investing more cash can be very lucrative. It is hard to “out-trade” bitcoin in a Bull market.

Please click here to read more.

How much capital is required?

There is no “required” amount of capital a TradeSoEz™ subscriber must maintain in order to use the software. Accounts are maintained at your sole discretion. Best practices are recommended to achieve optimal results.

Best practices indicate a balance in excess of $5k is ideal based on the latest worst market movements. A balance of $5k+ can typically net a profit, regardless of how the market performs. A balance of $10k+ can start seeing the effect of compounding much faster.

There are reasons a subscriber might choose to maintain less capital in their account. For example, if the goal is to refer others and earn bonuses – the monthly cost could be covered, along with additional capital earned prior to or in lieu of any actual copy trading. Users automatically earn 25% of direct referral subscription fees as a bonus, and this bonus is paid on all referral monthly recurring fees. BTC bonuses earned are credited instantly to your platform wallets and may be used to pay the monthly fee, or withdrawn to an external wallet daily. Direct referrals can potentially cover your own monthly fee, or work to increase your trading capital.

What exchanges are supported?

TradeSoEz™ currently supports and, although not every coin pair is currently available on the .us exchange. This simply means that some trades will be missed. accounts will use USDT as a base currency. accounts will use USD as a base currency. Use of both exchanges require BNB to be used for payment of exchange trading fees.

Additional exchanges may be supported in the future.

What is an API connection?

One API key/secret is generated by the copier in their exchange account. This connects the exchange account to TradeSoEz™ for the sole purpose of placing trades on behalf of the copying user. The API Key setting in the exchange account does not permit any ability to withdraw funds.

TradeSoEz™ is a cloud service (SaaS) – which means that it is hosted on the Internet to allow 24/7 availability.

No local software or installation is required.

Are API Keys safe to use?

API Keys are used to communicate between your exchange account and TradeSoEz™ expert traders. Account holders define permissions/restrictions to API Keys. TradeSoEz™ software only needs “read”, “make order”, and “cancel order” permissions to work properly. Never should “withdraw” permissions be enabled. API Keys stored in our database are fully encrypted, but even if someone were to obtain your API Keys, moving your balance would not be possible.

Is there a free trial?

We considered offering a free trial, and opted not to do so. Why? Because of users who scam such offers using VPNs to open/cancel/open/cancel in an attempt to copy-trade for free. 

We do not wish those dissatisfied with results to use the service. Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime and copy trading will cease at the end of the current subscription-period. Additionally, subscribers can stop all trading instantly by changing the account allocation setting to 0%.

What if I choose the wrong trader?

TradeSoEz™ understands the anxiety involved in choosing the “right trader” to copy. Other platforms put this burden on the copier which means traders must compete for followers. While the sales pitch and published performance history always sound good, the reality often doesn’t deliver as expected.

We created trade teams that consist of professionals chosen for their consistency using proven trade strategies. The experts are teamed so their trading styles compliment each other, with no competition as all benefit equally. Our subscribers copy the trade team to get the best of all worlds.

What trading option is employed?

TradeSoEz™ spot trading takes place in the spot market at the current price. Spot trading means essentially executing a trade at the immediately available asking and bidding price that market participants are asking for.

TradeSoEz™ software does not utilize margin trading. Spot trading ensures that subscribers only trade based on the assets that are owned vs. over-leveraging, and serve to better manage risk.

How much of my balance is traded?

Subscribers allocate the percent of their account balance to be used, up to 100%. This allocation can be changed at anytime. 

TradeSoEz™ software uses the maximum tradable limit based on your USDT (or USD for .us accounts) balance to open new trades.

For example, a $10,000 balance with an allocation of 50% means only $5,000 of your balance will be used to open trade positions. An individual trade using 10% of the allocated balance would result in $500 used in the trade under this example.

Upon subscribing, when do trades begin?

Your account will start trading immediately after completion of API Key entry and allocation % setup. However, our experts do not “trade to trade” and they do not enter a position just so new subscribers see instant action.

Traders are trading their own accounts using their own money – and your account will copy their next postion opened. There is no way to say when that will occur, as it depends on their strategy and what the market is doing.

You may initially see error emails from the system advising that you did not copy a sale – because you did not copy the buy that occurred before you subscribed. The next buy will be copied, and you will receive an email notification.

Do trading accounts update in real time?

TradeSoEz™ software is designed to recalculate a subscriber’s exchange account balance to use previous profits for the next trade. Benefit from exponential growth vs. of linear portfolio growth. 

Customizing the allocation allows a subscriber to decrease or increase the position instructions on how much of the total account balance to use for trading.

The balance is read in real-time from a subscriber’s exchange account. Funds added or withdrawn will adjust automatically new positions taken based on the new balance.


There are risks involved in trading and investing any asset. Even the most experienced and successful traders experience losses. Please consult a financial professional for investment advice.

TradeSoEz™ is not a trading brokerage or exchange and does not offer digital wallet services to hold, store, or transact on behalf of users. Access to automated copy trading software is made available via subscription, for which usage is controlled soley by subscribing users. Earned affiliate referral bonuses can be used as a platform credit toward payment of subscription fees or withdrawn upon request to external user wallets.

Any and all opinions, commentary, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on this website are provided as general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice nor a solicitation, and there are no guarantees associated with them. We are not liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website. The content on this website is subject to change at any time without notice.

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